BBQ Smoker Supplies | These 6 essentials will make your BBQ easier

So you’re into the BBQ smoking life and enjoying it to the fullest. What could possibly make your experience even better at this point? It’s already amazing!

Well, today we want to share a list of supplies that are guaranteed to make your BBQ smoking life more amazing than it already is when your buying a smoker.

In this article, we’ll look into the following BBQ smoker supplies in depth:

  • Chimney Fire Starter
  • BBQ Tongs
  • Heat Resistant BBQ gloves
  • Wireless Meat Thermometer
  • Bear Claws
  • BBQ grill brush

We’ll start with the supplies that will facilitate your grilling experience (in no particular order) and then proceed to the ones that will make it more exciting or fun, and finally, move on to the one that will help you take care of your grill so it will last you a long time.

Chimney Fire Starter

Many seem to like using lighter fluid to start off the fire, but this basically contradicts the simple principle of BBQ smokers. It can also end up altering the taste of your smoked meat and emanate some funky odors.

To fix this, resort to a Chimney Fire Starter. You will simply need to put your charcoal briquets into the starter, add some oil-dipped paper towels and light it up. You’ll be all set in 15 to 30 minutes.

We recommend the Weber Fire starter, since you can never go wrong with the classics. This starter system will light the charcoal quickly and evenly. It’s also high quality since it’s made from aluminized steel with a handle that is guaranteed to never get hot.

Make sure you analyze the right size before purchasing, since this one can hold enough briquettes for a 22-½-inch kettle grill but there are other sizes out there. Your charcoal will be lit in about 20 to 25 minutes, and its two handle design will help you have more control when pouring the lit briquettes.

BBQ Tongs

Have you noticed how when you use the BBQ forks and pierce the meat, juices come flowing right out? I know it looks delicious but how about we keep all that delicious, juicy flavor inside the meat instead of letting it go to waste all over our charcoal?

This can be remedied with a simple piece of equipment: BBQ tongs. Not only will they let you keep a distance and avoid burning your hands (especially if you don’t have gloves, which we’ll get into in a second), they will also keep you from piercing your smoked meats and wasting that delicious flavor.

We recommend these tongs since they’re perfect in all the important categories. The head (the part you’ll use to grab the meat) is wide enough so it can easily grip the food and keep it from sliding under.

And since they’re 16” long, they’ll also help keep your hands far away from the fire. We really don’t want you to burn your hands when your making something as good as a marinated tuna steak.

It’s made of durante stainless steel which is bound to help them last a long time since they won’t bend and they also feature a non-slip handle which makes them comfortable to hold.

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Heat Resistant BBQ gloves

When you’re focusing on creating delicious smoked meals, you shouldn’t need to worry about burning your hands in the process. If you have (or decide to purchase) the chimney starter, for example, you’re in for a horrible experience if you don’t have anything to protect your hands.

So invest in this extremely useful supply and never burn your hands again. They will also reduce the chances of damaging the bark you’re working so hard on.

We recommend these gloves because they’re non-slip, insulated and have a five finger design which makes it easier to manipulate food. The added benefit is that they’re 14” in length which helps keep your arms safe as well.

Wireless Meat Thermometer

This is a must-have for any BBQ smoker who’s serious about smoking. Any thermometer for that matter. However, if you already have a regular one, you probably know how annoying it can get to have to walk outside every couple of minutes to check on a smoke that you know will take hours.

Achieving a great smoked meal is only possible by going low and slow. So investing in a high-quality wireless thermometer makes this part of the equation much more enjoyable, and will help you have more control over the process.

The best wireless thermometers not only measure your smoker’s temperature, but also have probes to help you measure the internal temperature of the meat you’re smoking. This is still very simple, though.

You simply have to insert the temperature probe into the meat, then set the temperature alert on the receiver gadget and enjoy all the other fun activities in your life while your smoked meat is getting done in the meantime.

We recommend this electric thermometer since it features a dual probe which will help keep an eye on both the smoker’s temperature and the meat’s temperature.

You can set it up so that every time your smoker reaches a specified temperature, you will receive an alert on your remote receiver. When you’re looking to achieve delicious smoked meats, being able to monitor both your smoker’s and your meat’s temperature at once will make things much easier.

Bear Claws

Do you love pulled pork? (Who doesn’t?) Then you know how that amazing tender meat comes apart while having to use two forks. What if I told you there’s a much better way that’s also fun?

Introducing the “bear claws”. They’re not actually new but they feel like a new world just appeared before your eyes.

They’re perfect for transferring, lifting, and of course, shredding any type of meat but are especially perfect for pulled pork. You can also go ahead and use them for any meat-holding task you can think of: like simply holding meat in place.

We recommend the Cave Tools pulled pork claws since their shape makes it easy to pick up, carry and shred meat. They’re also heat resistant and BPA-free so they’re safe to use on food even if it just came off the smoker. These particular pair even includes some of its recipes for you.

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BBQ grill brush

You prepared a delicious smoked brisket and now you’re ready for another challenge. You prep out your amazing smoker and are ready to begin, except… it’s dirty. You remember washing it but apparently it wasn’t enough.

Don’t skimp on the cleaning part of meat-smoking. Sure, it’s not as fancy or fun but it’s necessary if you want to achieve perfect results every time. So let’s start making it a habit.

After each smoking session, increase the temperature for about 10 more minutes and then use a wire brush to clean up any meat left behind. And before you smoke the next time, remove the grate and wash it water then put it back on your smoker and wait for it to get hot before you start smoking your next cuts.

We recommend the Grillart 18″ since the size guarantees a large scrubbing surface which can quickly and easily remove all the built up gunk on your grill.

It also features a 3-in-1 brush design so it will get your smoker clean up to 5 times faster. And with the long handle you can keep your hands away from the heat and also have the best angle to take advantage of this 360° grill brush.

BBQ Grill Steel Brush
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All-in-One Supply Sets

How about an all-in one alternative to conquer all of the above? Well, most of them anyway. If you feel like testing out a couple before investing into the major ones (although they’re all pretty affordable), look no further than this one.

It’s an 18 piece smoker accessories set and features 2 shredder claws, 2 silicone gloves, 2 grill mats, 2 flexible skewers, a thermometer, basting brush, marinade injector and even a burger press. All the materials are BPA-free, food grade and even easy to clean

If you’re a smoker enthusiast you’ve probably have to go through the terrifying task of looking for all of these separately hoping they’re high-quality or that they match together. If you want to save time and money by getting everything in one place, this is the set for you.

Some reviewers stated that their claws seemed a little flimsy but so far we haven’t had any issues testing these out shredding pork or simply holding meat. But for the price point, I guess it’s worth the risk, especially since they also offer a 100% risk-free guarantee and will even give you a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

It remains true that the supplies won’t make the smoker, but boy do they make the task much easier. Take your time to look into and invest in these supplies since they can help you save time and effort. They might even improve your smoked food’s taste (if you think about it).

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