What Is Bottom Round Roast?

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  June 3, 2022

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The bottom round roast is a lean meat cut, which comes from the rear leg of cows. It’s also called the beef silverside or rump roast in Australia and United Kingdom. Further, it comes in quite large portions of about 4-5lbs and is referred to be one of the cheaper cuts of meat.

Nonetheless, the bottom round roast has lower has lesser fat content, rather than any kind of red meat. This is because this particular meat of a cow is much exercised, and has lesser intramuscular fat or marbling.

Because the bottom round roast is lean, it might be somewhat tough to cook. You might not dry cook or grill it –since it may turn tough and chewy. Indeed, it isn’t filet mignon, yet when cooked the proper way, it may be a flavorsome and hearty piece of meat.

Note: Except for bottom round also have eye round roast in the same round portion of the cow.

Bottom Round Roast vs Chuck Roast


The bottom round roast mainly comes from the outer muscle of the uppermost hind leg and s commonly is pretty lean. What may help in keeping the bottom round moist is slowly cooking it in a liquid, since it’s relatively bland. In case you do not want to cook the meat as a whole roast, you may thinly cut it and use it for various Asian stir-fry cuisines.

On the other hand, chuck roasts generally have a fair amount of connective tissue and may do well with a moist, slow cooking style to make it break down. Fatty roasts are actually suitable for roasting, since the marbling inside assists in keeping them moist. Furthermore, chuck roasts, which have tougher connective tissue, must be braised in liquid, in order to avoid a slice of chewy meat.

Rump Roast vs Bottom Roast


The round bottom roast and the rump roast formerly come from the beef round sub-primal cut that is found in the beef’s hindquarter. The distinct differences in these two cuts include the cooking methods, common preparations, market forms, and marbling. Nevertheless, both of these cuts are quite inexpensive and have their own uses, which go beyond the whole roasting.

The rump roast possesses more marbling, rather than the bottom roast. Further, the bottom roast is fairly lean and has 5 grams of fat every serving. Even though the rump roast is of the same primal cut, it may still experience slightly less use, rather than the bottom roast.

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