Pellet grills with the best smoke flavor: these produce enough smoke!

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  June 28, 2021

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Pellet grills are outdoor grills that use hardwood pellets as their fuel. They are becoming the latest trend in home grilling.

But no matter how trendy these grills may be, for most people, the bottom line will be the flavor.

If you’re wondering if pellet smokers give good smoke flavor, there’s some back and forth on the matter.

Do pellet smokers give good smoke flavor

Do pellet grills produce enough smoke flavor?

Pellet grills produce a lighter flavor profile than most other types of smokers so for flavor, you’re better off choosing an offset smoker. But the ease of use is why lots of people choose a pellet grill. You can enhance the smokiness by using the right grill and pellets.

Read on to find out more about if and when to use pellet smokers for your next project.

Here’s all you need to know about Pellet Smoking!

I’ll talk about what to look out for when buying a pellet smoker as well as the top 4 brands that are manufacturing the best smokiness right now.

Now I like to smoke meat in advance for large parties and then maybe do some grilling when the party is actually underway, so my top choice for a pellet smoker is definitely this Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Smoker and Grill combo.

Let’s take a quick look at your top choices:

Pellet smokers with best smoke flavor Images
Pellet grill that produces the most smoke: Traeger Ironwood 885 Super Smoke Mode Most Innovative Grill: Traeger Ironwood 885
(view more images)
Best cheap budget pellet smoker: Green Mountain Davy Crockett Best cheap budget pellet smoker: Green Mountain Davy Crockett (view more images)
Best mid-range pellet smoker for flavor: Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Overall best pellet smoker: Camp Chef SmokePro DLX (view more images)
Best professional pellet smoker: CookShack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Grill Best professional pellet smoker: CookShack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Grill (view more images)
Best digital temperature control: Traeger Pro series 22 Grill and Smoker Best digital temperature control: Traeger Pro series 22 Grill and Smoker (view more images)

Do pellet smokers produce enough smoke?

Why pellet smokers produce less smokiness

The main reason why a pellet grill does not give as much of a smoky flavor as other types of grills, such as offset grills, is because it doesn’t produce as much smoke.

  • This is due to the grill working off indirect heat as opposed to the direct heat other grills provide. Many chefs increase the temperature of the grill to increase the smoke. The funny thing is, with a pellet grill, increasing the temperature will actually produce less smoke, not more.
  • It also lies in the construction of most pellet smokers, where a fan is used to push the smoke into the chamber, but this blows the smoke past the meat too fast.
  • Often the drip tray can get in the way of the smoke reaching your meat.
  • Another reason is that the pellets just produce a less smoky flavor than hardwood because they contain sawdust and wood scraps which are then stuck together with a filler like cornstarch. Most smokers will agree that it’s not the same as complete natural wood chunks.

The type of pellets do matter and I’ll get into that but the pellet smoker you choose does matter as well because some overcome some of the construction drawbacks of these types of smokers.

Best pellet grills for smoke flavor

Pellet grill that produces the most smoke: Traeger Ironwood 885 Super Smoke Mode

Pellet grills offer a lot of flexibility and ease of use so I decided to look a lot into this if you can overcome most of the drawbacks.

And the best smokiness I’ve found coming from a pellet smoker is from the Traeger line of grills, this Ironwood 885 to be precise:

Most Innovative Grill: Traeger Ironwood 885

(view more images)

The reason is that this particular model has a super smoke mode, a patented design by Traeger that overcomes the absence of smoke of pellet grills that work at very precise temperatures, which cause the pellets to burn to cleanly. Super smoke mode isn’t available on all Traeger models but it is on these 5:

  1. Ironwood 650
  2. Ironwood 885
  3. Timberline 850
  4. Timberline 1300
  5. Silverton 810

I’ve got a full review of the top Traeger models right here if you want to take a closer look. Plus you can even get more smoke, or a smokier flavor from any type of pellet grill while cooking.

I’ll provide some answers to that question later in the article. But first, let’s take a look at how a pellet grill works.

Best cheap budget pellet smoker: Green Mountain Davy Crockett

Small and easy to carry and use. Ideal for camping trips and roadtrips and wifi enabled

Best cheap budget pellet smoker: Green Mountain Davy Crockett

(view more images)

If you are not so big family and decided to own a grill, then this is best for you. It is ideal for small families, campers and RVer’s. The Green Mountain comes in size of 12″ X 18″ cooking surface that is relatively compact and weighs about 60 pounds.

It is easy to carry and use. With the technology of electrical outlet by packaging, grills let you ignite the grill even with a cigarette lighter in your car or with help of a generator.

It generates heat and smoke with wood pellets placed in the hopper. There is no need for fuel and the steam presented leaves the food moist and the smoke provides flavors to it.

They have a capacity of providing accurate heating between 200 Degree and 550 F. Also, it does a decent job of smoker and grill along with various high tech features.

It is WiFi enabled for remotely controlling temperature while you do other things. You can set time and temperature accurately with Wifi. WiFi enable devices to eliminate the need of frequent monitoring food for right cooking.

It is portable and budget friend grill makes an amazing choice for many consumers.

Check it out here on Amazon

Best mid-range pellet smoker for flavor: Camp Chef SmokePro DLX

Grill and smoker combination and the ideal size for backyard parties

Overall best pellet smoker: Camp Chef SmokePro DLX

(view more images)

Take your backyard grilling to a height of delicious smoked meals. With Camp Chef Smokers DLX that is a combination of grill and smoker. What can be better when you get multiple purposes in a single device.

You can get smoked and grilled meats, bake, braise and sear food with this amazing backyard cooker. It is easily adjustable on most decks and does not require a spacious amount of your backyard.

It is economical and eligible for a user who loves to cook in a backyard for parties, get together or simply hang out with friends. The compact space gives you apartment decks and gives you multiple options for cooking.

It includes grilling, smoking, searing, baking and braising. The digital temperature control allows you to cook precisely every time whether it be a smoked vegetable recipe like these or delicious meat. It includes:

  • Ash Cleanout System
  • Hardwood Pellets
  • Cooking Surface
  • Stainless Steel Meat Probe Included
  • Utility Rack
  • Full cooking heat from 160 F to 500 F
  • Silver vain Finish
  • Convenient port for the meat probe
  • Roller wheels for portability
  • Grease Management system
  • Digital temperature control with the selection system

The unit is durable and can withstand various weather conditions. Smart Smoke Technology provides maintains right temperature range for most smoke possible.

Cook from smoked meats to grilled dishes with this powerful hi-tech device. Set it and forget it for perfect meats every time.

Check out some more reviews here

Best professional pellet smoker: CookShack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Grill

Powerful smoker at high temperatures or slow cooking of meat

Best professional pellet smoker: CookShack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Grill

(view more images)

Are you in search of pellet cooker that works as powerful smoker and griller too? The Fast Eddy’s Cook Shack PG500 Pellet Grill can perform this task efficiently.

Searing at high temperature to slow Barbecue, this unit can do wonder. It is made in the USA and comes with a stainless steel grill that is easy to use and clean.

This is reasonably priced quality construction pellet grill. It has a small but very powerful direct grilling area for the cooking the best type of meat.

Don’t go on its structure, its direct grilling space you can cook at a very high temperature. It is large capacity pellet grill that focuses on a smoker.

There is a large upper rack that allows cooking chamber and front open doors ideal for making lip-smacking low-temperature barbecue smoking. The controller gives accuracy and allows you to monitor food temperature.

As it contains doors that are tightly closed allows excellent airflow inside proving it efficient smoker that can be relied upon.

Comparing about pellet hopper, it is larger than other products. It is affordable compared to other high tech pellet grills. It can achieve 180 to 600-degree temperature range as per your food.

It has removable bottom ash catcher surprisingly they produce very little ask after a long smoke as you can read in the reviews here.

Best digital temperature control: Traeger Pro series 22 Grill and Smoker

Well known brand with great construction and easy digital controls

Best digital temperature control: Traeger Pro series 22 Grill and Smoker

(view more images)

Traeger brand is well known for its high-quality hardwood pellets that deliver persistent great barbeque every time. The Lil Tex Elite is the smallest unit innovated by the company.

It comes with 418 Square inches of cooking space, it means almost 4 whole chickens can be places on its grilling space. With this device, you definitely have enough space for grilling family meals.

It is the most effective unit that works for the smoke, grill, braise, roast, and bake. The sturdy construction with several features makes this griller opt for an easier life. With the control feeding mechanism, you don’t have to move pellets manually into the auger.

The digital control panel justifies the temperature within +/- 20 degrees and provides low smoke or searing. It is assembled in a smart way that the ignition either turn off and on just at a push of a button.

The constant years of practicing and improving techniques would make Traeger one of the best outdoor cooking equipment. The grill delivers clean and efficient fuel consumption.

It is easy to clean up and good for grease management. With this device, you can set and forget for various styles of cooking for appropriate results. The unit runs on wood pellets that come in various flavors.

They are a comparatively better option from Gas or Charcoal. Traeger achieved the wood-fired taste and versatile barbecue cooking. The size is compact and could easily fit in small space.

Do not leave or cook in cold temperature or you would end up struggling with your cooking.

Check the latest prices here

Also, read more on the Traeger pellet grill models and compare them with pit boss and camp chef

How to get a smoky flavor from a pellet smoker

While it’s difficult to get a deep smoky flavor from a pellet smoker, it’s not impossible. In order to get a stronger profile, it is best to grill at lower temperatures for longer amounts of time.

For best results, start your grill at around 180 – 190 degrees for the first few hours. Lower temperatures are ideal because they create more smoke.

Once enough smoke is created, increase the heat as necessary to make sure you get the right cook.

The type of pellets matter

The type of pellets you use will also come into play in creating a strong flavor profile. You want a brand that makes a high-quality pellet so it will infuse your meat with a great smokey flavor.

Here are some brands that are recommended.

  • BBQr’s Delight: This company produces one-pound bags that come in a variety of flavors including hickory, apple, mesquite, cherry, pecan, and Jack Daniels.
  • Lumberjack Pellets: Lumberjack manufactures a wide variety of pellets, some of which are blends and some that are individual bags featuring flavors like cherry, maple, hickory, maple, and more.
  • Cookin’ Pellets: Cookin’ Pellets uses hardwood pellets only and produces flavors like apple mash, black cherry, and perfect mix.
  • Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Pellets: This company makes a selection of pellets including bold, sweet and savory, all from natural hardwood. The Gourmet option is great for any type of meat.

What are the best pellets for smoke flavor?

Just like any type of wood used to smoke, pellets come in a variety of flavors. You may be able to find exotic flavors depending on the brand you use, but here are some basics.

  • Hickory: Hickory has a strong, bacon-like flavor that can overpower some meats. It is best for flavorful meats like pork or ribs.
  • Maple: Maple has a mild, sweet flavor. It works well with poultry and white meats. It can also provide a nice flavor to vegetables and cheeses.
  • Pecan: Pecan has a nutty flavor that’s stronger than most fruitwoods. It’s great for poultry but it will go well with almost any meat.
  • Mesquite: Mesquite has a strong earthy flavor that holds up well on darker meats. It burns very hotly.
  • Apple: Apple has a mild, sweet, fruity flavor. It is great for smoking poultry, seafood, pork, and other types of white meat.

Because pellets are small and fit into the storage container in the grill, it’s easy to blend flavors to get the taste you desire.

While choosing the pellets that are right for you will be a matter of taste preference, they will also affect how smokey the taste is.

Hardwoods not only have a stronger flavor, but they also burn slower and longer, to produce more smoke that will make meat more flavorful.

They may be your best choice if you’re trying to get a smokey taste from your meat.

Products that can enhance the smoke flavor

In addition to using the right wood and cook methods, there are also products you can buy that enhance smoke flavor.

For instance, Mojobricks are small cubes that can be added to grills to provide a deep smokey taste. These are all-natural compressed hardwood squares that contain no chemicals or binders.

The Amazen Tube Smoker is also recommended. You can put this tube directly on the grill and it will produce extra smoke giving your meat that rich taste you are looking for.

Find that one & more pellet & wood chip smoker boxes & tubes reviewed here!

Summing Up

Whether it be meat, barbecue, hamburgers, pizza or baking all can be achieved with multi-purpose pellet grill. The BBQ pellet grill is a convenient source of a gas grill that add aroma and flavors to food.

There are various manufacturers in the market, but choose the trusted one before investing a good amount for pellet grills. The digital temperature control gives you no babysitting.

You can set the temperature and go while the food cooks. Wood pellets are easily available in the market; if you buy in bulk you get a cheaper price.

On a high average a pellet grill can consume as much as 2 pounds of pellet per hour. BBQ Smoke Pellet grills can cost average from $500 to $9,000 USD.

How about a recipe idea? Check out these Pellet Smoker Baby Back Ribs | Scrumptious Recipe & Pellet Choices.

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