What Is Eye Of Round Roast?

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  June 3, 2022

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The eye of round roast is a roast cut that is from the round, back part of the beef. Even though this cut is lean, it may come from a core muscle and may be hard if not properly cooked. Roasting is the best method of cooking, in order to turn this reasonably priced cut into an amazingly mouthwatering dinner. The bottom round roast and top round roast also come from the round.

Moreover, it is a lean cut of beef, having almost no marbling in it; any side fat is frequently cut away. As a matter of fact, it is such a classic, beefy looking cut, in which, at times, it may seem so much like the greatly tender tenderloin roast cut from the middle portion of a cow.

It is of importance that it is cut from the round region, as that leads you to the fact that this kind of roast is amongst the most stringent beef cuts, which is possible to extract from cows.

Top Round vs Eye Round Roast


Top round roast or butterball steak is a thick kind of steak that comes from the top of the round. A meek cut from inside of the back leg of an animal, same as top sirloin in flavor and fat. It is commonly cooked in liquid, braised, or even broiled.

On the other hand, eye round roast or eye of the round roast is boneless kind of roast, which looks like the tenderloin, yet this is much tougher. While top round is typically braised, and cooked in liquid, this is usually roasted or cut into steaks.

The steaks, which come from this roast are utilized in stews or are processed in cube steak. Also known as the breakfast steak, minute steak, sandwich steak, and wafer steak.

Bottom Round vs Eye Round Roast


The bottom round has one area on it that’s tougher than the other, and it is commonly divided into two smaller cuts –the rump roast and bottom round roast. The roasts from the bottom round are a bit tough and are best suitable as a pot roast or corned beef. This is also known as the silverside in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

The eye round roast is a circular, substantially lean roast from the bottom round. Dissimilar to that of the bottom round that is commonly used in pot roast and/or corned beef, eye round roast is like some other roasts, which is best when sliced thinly and roasted –often utilized in ramen and pho.

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