What is hanger steak?

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  June 4, 2022

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The hanger steak comes from the same class of beef that the skirt steaks and flanks steaks come from, known as the flat steaks. The hanger steak is loved for its tasty flavor and its tenderness. It is the most tender steak out of all the flat steaks. Though the hanger steak is a thin cut, it is still loved by a lot of people for its meaty flavor.

Where is The hanger steak on a cow?


Hanger steak supports the diaphragm of a cow, it is located between the flank and the rib of the cow. Back when it was not a tasty item on so many menus, the hanger steak was usually kept by butchers themselves as the buyers did not request for it to be added and hence it got the name “butcher’s steak.” However, nowadays you can easily find it in markets as a standard cut of meat.

Hanger steak price per pound and where to buy hanger steak


As mentioned above, before the hanger steak became so popular among home cooks and in restaurant menus, it was usually sold as a budget cut of meat in the United States. However, since then more and more people have started buying it, so it’s not quite the bargain now. However, you can still get a reasonable and flexible cut. Hanger steak packages can be found at both, local butcher shop and at food markets. The price per pound, however, varies according to which country you live in.

Hanger, Skirt & Flank

Meat that comes from the lower portion of an animal such as flank, hanger, and skirt steak can usually be bought at an affordable price. Also, these cuts are thinner as compared to other steaks.

Out of the three, the hanger steak is most tender one, whereas the flank and skirt steak are liked because of their taste than their tenderness. Hanger steak is best served as dishes such as steak frites. Whereas, flank and skirt steaks are best served with dishes like bibimbap, fajitas and Philly cheesesteaks.

Hanger Steak vs Flank Steak


Overall, both hanger and flank are quite similar to one another and can be substituted in almost a dish they are included in. Though you might feel some difference in the tenderness of the two, the taste does not differ significantly. Since the tender steak is protected by the rib cage, the muscle and meat balance makes it tender and full of flavor. On the other hand, the flank steak is very lean as it is located at the end of the stomach, near the hind legs. The best you can do is tenderize flank steak by marinating it.

Hanger Steak vs Skirt Steak


Out of all the flat steaks, the skirt steak is the least tender. It is also the most affordable steak out of all the flat steaks. The skirt steak meat is present between the chest and the stomach of the cow. This portion is comprised of a lot of muscle. The skirt steak too like the flank steak is prepared best if marinated before it is cooked.

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