Best wood for smoking almonds | 4 top choices & 5 to avoid

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  March 24, 2020

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Almonds are quite nutritious and delicious. They are high in fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and protein and they are recommended for lowering blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels.

And when it comes to taste, they are simply heavenly. They have a rich, sweet flavor that can be used in a variety of dishes ranging from sweet desserts to savory meats and pasta.

Some argue that smoking almonds can make the flavor even more scrumptious.

This article will look at the best woods for smoking almonds and other steps you can take to make these nuts delicious every time.

What wood to choose when smoking almonds

What wood is best for smoking almonds?

A great tasting smoked almond starts with the right wood. Here are some woods you will want to try to smoke your almonds:

  • Applewood: Applewood gives food a mild and fruity taste that is delightful when infused into almonds and certain types of poultry.
  • Maplewood: Maplewood gives food a mild, subtle and sweet taste. Sugar maple is especially great for giving nuts a candied flavor.
  • Pecanwood: Pecan has a nutty flavor so it’s a no brainer that it would work well with almonds. It’s also great for fruit and poultry.
  • Cherrywood: Cherry provides a light and fruity flavor that can give your almonds a bit of a trail mix taste.

Here are my favorite choices when it comes to smoking almonds:


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What Woods Should be Avoided When Smoking Almonds?

There are some woods that will give foods a heavier, more savory taste. These woods tend to overwhelm certain types of poultry, so imagine what they would do if you use them for smoking nuts!

However, if you do prefer a savory taste, feel free to experiment.

The woods that will give almonds more of a savory taste include the following:

  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Mesquite
  • Pimento
  • Cedar

Hickory, for example, is perfect for smoking game meat like Elk. So you see, every wood has its use. Well almost every wood, some you just don’t smoke with, ever.

How to Prepare Smoked Almonds

Now that you know which woods are best to use for smoking almonds, let’s take a look at the recommended methods of preparation.

Most will prepare almonds with sweet flavorings to give them a candied taste, but you can also add savory spices to give them more of a kick.

  • For a sweet treat, start out with lightly salted almonds, egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon.
  • Next, get your smoker ready. To do that, set it to the smoke setting and let it warm up for five minutes, then turn it to 225 degrees. If your smoker doesn’t have a smoked setting, just set it to 225 degrees from the start.
  • Get 16 oz of salted almonds and set aside.
  • Then beat egg whites in a bowl until they are frothy. Add vanilla and cinnamon and stir in almonds.
  • Line a baking sheet with tin foil and place almonds on the foil. Sprinkle with sugar and place in smoker. Leave to smoke for 1-2 hours.
  • If you do prefer a savory taste, you can substitute cinnamon and sugar with garlic powder, onion powder, liquid smoke, rosemary, chili powder or whatever else suits your fancy.

Kamado Joe also has a great video on how to make smoked almonds:

Here are some smoked almonds flavor combinations you may want to try:

  1. Maple syrup and cinnamon
  2. Worcester sauce and hot sauce
  3. Curry powder
  4. Garlic powder and oregano

Use an Oven Instead

If you don’t have a smoker, you can also use an oven to smoke your almonds. To do this, you would follow the same directions as you would if preparing them in a smoker only your oven should be preheated to 250 degrees.

You must also stir the almonds every 15 minutes to ensure they are evenly browned.

Almonds should heat in the oven for one hour.

…Or Try a Grill

You can also use a grill to prepare smoked almonds. Just prepare the almonds as desired.

Then smoke them for 30 minutes at 225 degrees flipping them at the 15 minute mark. Allow 2 hours for them to cook and harden, then serve.

How to Eat Smoked Almonds

Once almonds are smoked, you can use them in just about any recipe you would use regular almonds in. Here are a few we recommend.

Honey Almond Granola: Almond and granola go hand in hand. Recommended with a sweeter smoked almond, you can add dried fruit, oats, honey and cinnamon.

Then enjoy with yogurt and milk.

  • Romesco gnocchi Sauce: This traditional Spanish recipe calls for red pepper, almonds, garlic, and a traditional marina. It makes a great gnocchi topping.
  • Chocolate Almond Cake: This delicious dessert uses almonds instead of flour for an unbelievable rich texture. Add maple syrup and chocolate chips and you have a treat no one will be able to resist.

Almonds are quite versatile and smoking them really brings out the flavor. Smoke them and add them to your dishes or serve them on their own for a delicious treat. What’s your favorite way to prepare these healthy nuts?

Joost Nusselder, the founder of Lakeside Smokers is a content marketer, dad and loves trying out new food with BBQ Smoking (& Japanese food!) at the heart of his passion, and together with his team he's been creating in-depth blog articles since 2016 to help loyal readers with recipes and cooking tips.