12 must-have bbq smoker tools and accessories

Best BBQ smoker accessories | 12 must-have smoking tools

No matter what time of year it is, nothing defines a good gathering better than a BBQ party.

Chilling with your friends in your backyard while the soothing smell of delicious BBQ dishes seeps into your nostrils; the experience is incomparable.

If you want to host such a BBQ party or simply make BBQ for yourself. It is essential that you first have all the required accessories.

There are tons of accessories available in the market – so choosing the necessary ones can be difficult.

But don’t worry! In this article, I have gathered the 12 must-have BBQ smoker accessories so that you could buy them with ease and have a wonderful time at your very own BBQ party.

Without further ado let us start the list. I’ll go deeper into each of these later on in the post:

Smoker accessories Images
Best grill basket: Grillux Best grill basket grillux

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Best Wireless Meat Thermometer: ThermoPro TP09 Therm pro wireless meat thermometer

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Best propane gas level indicator: AP products Propane gas tank level indicator

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Best BBQ gloves: Ozero Leather Ozero bbq gloves

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Best chimney fire starter: BBQ Dragon BBQ Dragon chimney fire starter

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Best grill steel brush: Kona Kona grill steel brush

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Best BBQ grill light: Livin’ well Magnetic grill light

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Best multifunctional BBQ tool: Stingray 7 in 1 Stingray multifunctional barbecue tool

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Best Bear claws: Mountain Grillers meat shredders Mountain grillers meat shredder claws

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Best Meat tenderizer: Ace Select Ace Select meat tenderizer

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12 best BBQ smoker accessories and tools reviewed

Best grill basket: Grillux

If you have ever made BBQ food, you probably know that one of the most annoying things about them is that you must scrape the bits of food that fall into the flame or inside the grill.

This is very hectic and also risky because you may injure yourself when you are too close to the charcoal flame.

To avoid this, you can buy a grill basket. This is basically a basket that prevents scrapes of food from entering the unwanted parts of the grill.

This simple accessory will make sure that your food stays in place during the time of grilling and no extra cleaning is required.

You simply place it above any sort of grill and your job will be done!

Although there are many good grill baskets available in the market- I personally prefer the Grillux Grill Basket. You can find great deals on Amazon for this grill basket.

Grillux bbq smoker grill basket

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  • Grillux Grill Basket has a very competitive price
  • It is made with heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • The curved handles make sure that moving it around is not cumbersome.

Check the latest price here on Amazon

Best Wireless Meat Thermometer: ThermoPro TP09

Now, when you hear about this accessory for the first time, you may think that it is not that necessary. That may be true if and only if you are a professional chef, otherwise, you need it!

What the wireless meat thermometer does is that it tells you the temperature of the food that you have placed on the grill.

You will be surprised to see how easy it is to use:

  1. Place the probe of the thermometer into the food on the grill
  2. Set your desired temperature setting- this depends largely on what you are cooking
  3. Wait patiently- as all your work with it is done. The thermometer will notify you when the required temperature is reached

For this accessory we have chosen the Thermo Pro TP-09:

Best wireless meat thermometer

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  • It has a 6.5-inch stainless steel probe.
  • It has a very wide temperature range of (32-572 F)
  • You also get a rubber sleeve case with it.

Check the latest prices and availability here

Best propane gas level indicator: AP products

This is an accessory that is not used commonly and many might argue that using it is pointless. You will, however, be surprised how helpful it proves to be in the long run!

What it does is simple- it notifies you when you run low on propane gas so that you can fill it up again.

It’s a simple task- and to clear some of your misconception, it certainly doesn’t add propane to your cylinder- yeah! Sorry to burst your bubble.

Having a reliable propane gas level indicator will make sure that your gas tank doesn’t run empty on crucial moments.

For example: when you are on the verge of making the perfect BBQ! Using it is very simple. However, you may require a bit of getting used to it.

  1. Carefully place the magnetic sensor underneath your gas tank
  2. Normally, these indicators come with some sort of methods, i.e. applications, be sure to sync them together
  3. Care must be taken when using this as propane gas is highly flammable

Currently, there are tons of propane gas level indicators in the market but we have chosen the AP Products Propane Tank Gas Level Indicator:

Propane gas tank level indicator

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This particular product stands out from the rest due to it’s magnificent features at a reasonable price

  • It comes with one magnetic sensor
  • Simple synchronization via Bluetooth
  • Updates automatically every 5 seconds

Check out all of the specs here

Best BBQ gloves: Ozero Leather

The main feature that makes BBQ gloves different from other gloves is the fire resistance feature.

This is one of the most important BBQ accessories and yet people choose to avoid it.

BBQ gloves are primarily a safety device but it also allows you to handle your food effectively which in turn results in a delicious meal.

BBQ gloves are quintessential if you want to minimize BBQ related injuries!

I don’t think you need special instructions on how to use BBQ gloves but still, I’ll put it in simple words

  1. Make sure it fits your hand
  2. Use all your fingers at once to avoid spills.

We have chosen these OZERO Leather Gloves. This is probably the best gloves at it’s given price:

Cowhide leather bbq gloves

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  • Can bear up to a staggering 932 Fahrenheit
  • It is manufactured in environmentally friendly methods
  • The leather ensures a long-lasting life for the gloves

Check these out on Amazon

Best chimney fire starter: BBQ Dragon

There are many ways to start a fire using charcoal for your BBQ. Most of them are cumbersome and at often times- waste of time.

If you think that lighter fluid is better, then I urge you to think about the health factor- it is dangerous!

The solution to this never-ending problem of starting a BBQ fire is a chimney fire starter. Setting it up is quite easy:

  1. Place the required amount of charcoal in your chimney fire starter
  2. Roll up a few paper towels with small amount of oil
  3. Position your chimney over this ball of paper towels.

For this category, the BBQ Dragon Chimney Charcoal Starter is a terrific choice:

Best BBQ Chimney firestarter

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  • It is very lightweight, therefore can easily be carried around
  • Eco-friendly as it doesn’t require lighter fluids normally.
  • Has a very simple assembly process

Check availability here

Check out this video on how to use a chimney fire starter:

Best grill steel brush: Kona

We often spent a huge amount of money buying the most expensive grills to have an optimum grilling experience but how often do we invest to keep it clean?

The truth is no one probably gives this matter that much thought. In reality- keeping your grill clean is an integral part of making a good meal.

Using a grill steel brush is simple, just make sure you don’t burn yourself while cleaning!

  1. After you are finished with your cooking, heat up your grill
  2. Clean the chunks of meat while they are still fresh
  3. Before starting again wash your grill with warm water and scrub it off with your steel brush

We have chosen the Kona Grill steel brush due to its high quality at a very competitive price:

Kona grill steel brush (1)

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  • It gives you a bristle-free cleaning experience.
  • Works with all types of grills
  • Comes with the perfect handle length

Check the latest prices here

Best BBQ grill light: Livin’ well

You probably had no idea that this even existed! But it does, and this makes a huge difference to your BBQ experience.

When grilling during the daytime, using this is not exactly required. However, for the BBQ parties that take place during the night time- this accessory is essential!

Its main purpose is illuminating the surrounding of the grill so that you can cook better and avoid accidents. You don’t need to be an expert to use this!

  1. Set up the clamp at a convenient position on the grill
  2. Make sure it doesn’t get oil on it when cooking
  3. Set up an optimum brightness

For this category, we have chosen the Livin’ Well magnetic Grill Light:

Magnetic grill light

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  • It has exceptional brightness and can have two stages to choose from
  • Very lightweight so handling it is easy
  • It can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • It has three powerful magnets so there’s no screwing involved (unless the party is headed in that direction of course).
  • But it also has a clamp if you don’t have a metal surface to stick it to.

Check the latest price here

Best multifunctional BBQ tool: Stingray 7 in 1

If you have grilled before, you probably know the fact that different types of food require different tools for them to be handled.

For example, some food may require spatula for them to be handled, whereas some require tongs. A variety of tools are required to tackle all sorts of BBQ food.

Buying individual tools can be hectic but do not worry as you can buy a multifunctional tool that will do all your job.

  1. Use the right tool for the selected food
  2. Wash it thoroughly after use

For this category, we have chosen the Stingray 7 in 1 BBQ Tool:

Stingray multifunctional barbecue tool

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  • Made fully from stainless steel
  • Better grip due to rubber pads
  • Can be used with one hand very easily

More info on the Stingray here

Best Bear claws: Mountain Grillers meat shredders

Relax! I am not referring to actual bear claws. This is an accessory that allows users to shred through tough meat and make it the right size for your BBQ purposes.

The great thing about this is that it’s really fun to use.

If you think about it, you get to have the ‘bear experience’- shredding through the meat of your prey!

Nevertheless, this accessory will save tons of time and will provide perfectly shredded meat for BBQ usage. There are certain rules to be kept in mind while using them:

  1. Wash your hand and the gloves before shredding the meat
  2. Don’t move your arms too hard as you may ruin the meat
  3. Never wear it when you are not using it as you may hurt someone

We have chosen the Original Bear Paws meat claws for pulled pork:

Best meat claws reviewed

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  • The metal handle forks ensure better grip
  • Solid comfortable handle
  • The black color design gives it a very cool look

Check out the customer reviews on these

Best Meat tenderizer: Ace Select

Unlike the previously mentioned bear claws, this accessory has a very non-violent purpose.

Hammering your food before BBQ may sound hectic but you’ll be amazed how great it improves your food.

The extra juiciness is all the result of a meat softener. A certain set of instructions must be followed when using a meat softener.

  1. Hammer the meat depending on the amount of tenderness you want it
  2. Be sure not to strike your hand
  3. Use a board underneath when using the meat softener

We have chosen the Ace Select Meat Tenderizer for this category:

Ace Select meat tenderizer

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  • Stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting
  • Lightweight so it can handle with ease
  • Can be used for other ingredients like garlic

Check availability here

An oil drum smoker

This is a unique addition to this list as it may not necessarily qualify as an accessory, but believe me when I say this smoking on an oil drum is the best feeling.

The slow burn it provides makes the best BBQ and although people may argue it’s a bit cumbersome than the conventional smokers- it’s all worth it.

You need a few pointers when using this smoker

  1. Make sure your oil drum has no leaks
  2. Take your time when using this smoker
  3. Clean it thoroughly after use

We have chosen the Esschert Black Barrel smoker for this category:

Esschert black barrel smoker

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  • It has a very unique design.
  • No assembly required
  • It is multifunctional

Available here on Amazon

Road trip grill

This is the smaller version of your average grill and although it may not be an accessory because of its mobility factor we couldn’t just leave it out of the list.

Having a BBQ party at various locations is surely a unique feeling and this grill makes it possible. Using it is simple.

  1. Keep it clean when traveling with it
  2. Set it up on a level surface
  3. Extinguish the fire with great care after use

We prefer the Country Smokers Grill for this category:

Country smokers portable grill

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  • Its suitcase-like design makes it very easy to carry around
  • Lightweight yet very durable
  • Has a great design

Check out the customer reviews here

Final thoughts

The list that I just discussed contains all the necessary equipment that you will need to have the best BBQ experience.

However, you do need some great recipes. You should definitely try working with the 10 best recipes out there.