Best Wood for Smoking Quail

by Josh | Last Updated: October 5, 2020
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In the world of cooking, some meat is more exotic than others.

Quail is an unusual bird that is worth tasting. And if you are going to get adventurous trying quail, why not try it smoked?

This raises a whole new question. If you are smoking quail, what are the best woods to smoke it with?

Best wood for smoking quail

This article will explore the best woods for smoking quail and other quail related culinary matters.

What is Quail?

Quail is a small ground nesting game bird from the Phasianidae family of peasants.

As a culinary dish, it is popular in a variety of cuisines. It is commonly served on the bone, because the small size of the birds makes the bones difficult to remove.

Quail has a texture that is similar to chicken but the taste is more flavorful.

This limits the need for spices and dressings.

Popular recipe include one for quail brushed with lard, bread crumbs and beaten eggs and then baked.

The birds can also be stuffed with a mixture of spices and vegetables.

Another option is to make them into a pie with pork, eggs and fresh herbs.

Another great alternative to chicken is Cornish Hen!

What is the Best Wood for Smoking Quail?

With most types of meat, the wood you use will be based on the taste of the meat.

Generally, a meat with a lighter taste, like chicken, works well with a lighter wood. Lighter woods will not overpower the taste.

If you are smoking a dish with a heavier flavor, like red meat, you want to use a stronger wood.

Smoking with a lighter wood may not give the food enough of smokey taste.

Quail is unusual because it falls somewhere in the middle.

It’s chicken-like texture means it will blend well with lighter woods but, because it is so flavorful, it will also hold up to heavier woods.

The type of wood you choose may depend on the recipe. You can decide which wood to use based on the other flavors you are incorporating in your dish.

Some Woods To Try When Smoking Quail

Woods to Avoid When Smoking Quail

Because quail goes with almost any type of wood, you will be hard pressed to find one it doesn’t go well with.

Therefore, you should only really avoid using wood that would not be appropriate for any type of food.

Examples include:

Tips for Smoking Quail

Here are some tips for making a flavorful quail.

Now that you know the best woods for smoking quail, as well as some other cooking tips, you are ready to start on your quail smoking adventures.

Here’s hoping you make a terrific meal!