How to Grill Flank Steak

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  June 24, 2021

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Flank steak is a lean, flavorful, and somewhat tough cut of beef. It is often tenderized and marinated to make it more edible.

Flank steak has the best flavor when cooked medium rare. It should also be sliced across the grain for the best results.

Well, in this post we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to grill flank steak


Also see video how to cook flank steak on grill:

Marinate the Flank Steak

Start by combining all your marinade ingredients. Turn the steak a few times to ensure that all parts are fully covered with the marinade. You may also place the marinade and the steak into a freezer bag and place it in a bowl. The aim is to simply make sure that the marinade is spread across as evenly as possible.

Put the Grill in Direct Heat

The grill needs to be at medium-high heat before the grilling starts. Just hold your hands above it and if you cannot do it for more than a second or two, the grill is ready.

How to Grill Flank Steak


Gently remove the steak from the marinade and shake off all the excess liquid. Don’t overdo it though. You still need to make sure there’s a coating of the marinade before you start grilling. The marinade prevents sticking to the metal. Gently place the steak on the hot side of the grill. Grill for a minute or two on each side to get a good sear. Move the steak to the cooler parts of the grill and cook for a few extra minutes until the meat is ready.

How Long to Grill Flank Steak

Flank Steak on the Grill
Times 10 min approx.
Heat icon fireicon fire
Temp. 400+°F

Remove the Steak from the Grill


As soon as the steak has been cooked to your preferred level, remove it from the drill and place it on a cutting board. Cover it with aluminum foil and let it rest for 10 minutes. The aluminum foil helps to hold the heat.

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How to Cut Flank Steak 


Take a close look at the steak and you will notice the muscle fibers. This is called the grain of the meat. A flank steak recipe can be chewy and tough on the mouth unless you break up the muscle fibers. In that case, make sure you cut the steak across the grain at a steep diagonal. A long serrated bread knife should work for this.

You’ve probably heard that “cut the steak across the grain” If you in doubt or not see it clear, look at this video:


How Long Should You Marinate Flank Steak?

The marinade can add many flavors to the meat so it’s best to do it very effectively. Normally, it takes two hours to achieve the best results. If you have the time, marinade for 24 hours and you will enjoy it.

How Do You Tenderize Flank Steak Quickly?

Flank sliced steak can easily be seasoned using papaya or pineapple based rub or marinade. Papaya actually contains a natural meat tenderizer called papain. Pineapples, on the other hand, contain enzymes known as bromelain which will work very well. You can also use vinegar, lemon juice, or yogurt to tenderize the meat.

What Temperature Should Flank Steak Be Cooked To?

Start by preheating the grill to 400+°F. Place the flank steak on the grill and let it cook for 10 minutes. Remove the steak from the grill after that and let it rest for ten minutes before slicing.

How Does Bobby Flay Cook Flank Steak?

First, let the steak come to room temperature. Remove it from the marinade and season it with salt and some pepper too. Grill it for 4 to 5 minutes on one side until it turns brown. Flip it over and cook for 4 to 5 minutes. Get it out from the grill and let it rest for 10 minutes and then slice.

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