Smoked nova salmon | What is it and 2 delicious smoker recipes

by Josh | Last Updated: August 9, 2019

In this post I want to take a look at one of my favorite dishes, smoked Nova Salmon. But first:

What is nova salmon?

Traditionally, nova is the origin where this salmon comes from, as well as the style of smoking. This fish comes from nova scotia, Canada, where the salmon is cured, and cold smoked.

Let’s look at some delicious recipes you can make with this specific kind of salmon.

grilled salmon, cooked vegetables, and fork on plate

The salmon has a much deeper pink color, almost burnt orange, which makes it a bit different compared to other cured salmon. In addition, this fish has a more intense flavor compared to gravlax or lox.

Nutritional facts:

The following are the nutritional facts of smoked salmon and are based per 100g.


How to make smoked nova salmon


In case you are filleting a whole salmon, remove the pin bones and leave the skin on. You can use a small pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the bones that might be on the flesh. If you want to buy filleted salmon, buy whole salmons with the skin on, and remove the remaining bones—if there are any. Rinse the fillet and then pat-dry—but not completely dry. At this point, leave the fillets whole, with their skin on.

Brining—this is a two-step process

Step 1

Here, you will need to use dry brine ingredients, which are:


Step 2

This step will also change the texture of the fillet

Ingredients (wet brine)



It’s optional at this point since the dry brine has “cooked the fillets” already. You can also move around the fillets at some point of the wet brine process—just in case some are too close. When the process is over, you will need to freshen the fillets so that you can remove the excess salt.

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How to freshen your fillet

four piece of raw salmon meat

Drying the fillet before smoking

2 smoked nova salmon recipes

Smoked salmon frittata

Try this tasty spanish-inspired frittata dish

These are the ingredients


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Smoked salmon swirls

These canapés are simple but look impressive. Serve with chilled fizz.



Bottom line

There you go! This is a simple recipe that you should try out at home, and you will not be disappointed.

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