Weber Genesis II E-335 NG: Best overall natural gas grill under $1000

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  July 21, 2021

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No tanks to refill, and no need to worry whether you’ll run out of gas halfway through your barbeque! Just grilling – the way you like it.

There are loads of reasons to love natural gas grills. Besides the convenience of gas-on-tap, it’s also one of the cheapest forms of fuel.

Best mid-range natural gas grill- Weber Genesis II E-335 NG

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So if you don’t need to move your grill around much, a natural gas grill could be just the thing you need to be the best BBQ master on the block!

Because they’re built to last, natural gas grills do cost a little more than propane ones. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find one in your budget.

If you’re looking for a great natural gas grill that ticks all the boxes, then my recommendation is always the Weber Spirit II E-310 NG because it has everything you need to grill at the highest level without the frills. Plus it has a 10-year warranty.

I have three other grills that are in my top four. If you’re looking for the best option available for you, take a look at my recommendations below to help you choose.

Tips for buying a natural gas grill

With such a big variety on the market, how do you narrow down the options to something that really suits your budget and your needs?

There are four things that I always identify when I’m choosing a natural gas grill:


Sadly, natural gas grills cost more than their propane gas counterparts. This is due to the plumbing of the gas pipes inside the grill, and other features that don’t come with propane grills.

Set your budget before you shop, and only look at the ones you can afford.

If you decide you can’t get a quality grill with the features you want within your price range, try looking at good propane grill options instead.

Number of burners

I always say that the minimum number of burners in a stationary grill should be three, although I’ll accept two if it’s in a much smaller model.

Three burners give you the ability to create three different heat zones, providing for more options when cooking different foods at the same time.

Limited in space and looking for a small grill though? Check out these Best Two Burner Gas Grills


This is completely up to your individual preferences. You need to think about how much food you cook, and for how many people. Don’t buy a grill that is too small!

I believe that all three burner versions have a “universal size” which provides enough space for most occasions.


If you’ve got a flexible budget, an extra burner is always a good additional feature to look for.

I always recommend a sear burner as the best option. It gives you the ability to get great sear marks on your meat without much effort.

Other dedicated burners you could look for would be a side burner, and a smoker burner plus smoke box for wood chips. This means you can add some smokey flavors to your food, too.

Learn how to Use Wood Chips for Smoking on a BBQ grill here

Best mid-range natural gas grill: Weber Genesis II E-335 NG

Best mid-range natural gas grill- Weber Genesis II E-335 NG

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In terms of efficiency and quality it is a similarly high level to the Spirit II series, but with a few more interesting features added and a slightly bigger cooking area – about 20%.

The Genesis II E-335 natural gas grill also costs a bit more – but it might be worth stretching your budget if you need the extra cooking space! Plus there are 2 additional burners.

At 513 square inches, the main cooking area is generous. It’s the perfect capacity for a bigger family and more than enough for smaller family reunions.

It comes with three main burners, but due to a larger cooking area, their power has been increased to provide greater effectiveness of heating.

What sets the Genesis II series apart from the competitors’ offerings is the increased functionality thanks to the two extra dedicated burners.

The sear burner makes it possible to easily and quickly get perfect sear marks on the surface of meat or veggies, while the side burner is useful to heat up sauces or prepare any other added meal options.

See all the features of this Weber grill model showcased here:

The solid structure, on top of its looks, also amazes with its functionality. Large, folding side shelves offer a whole lot of workspace, while the hooks and the space underneath the grill give you a lot of room to store your accessories.

A definite upside is the cabinet style design so your mess is hidden behind doors, and attention to details like the steel lid handle. Of course, this model is also compatible with the separately sold iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer.

Best mid-range natural gas grill- Weber Genesis II E-335 NG with mea

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Weber Genesis II E-335 NG is a functional, efficient, and solidly built grill, but includes options for those seeking additional features that increase versatility.

If you have any doubts regarding the quality of workmanship then just a reminder of the 10 year warranty you get with Weber products that should set your mind at ease.


  • Burners: Three main burners, plus 2 additional ones
  • Size: Main cooking area is 513 square inches
  • Features: A sear burner and a side burner, plus a lot of workspace, hooks, and cabinet style design, 10 year warranty


  • Budget: This grill comes in on the more expensive side of things, but if you’re looking for the extra features, it’s worth the investment.

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