Who Makes Cabelas Pellet Grill?

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  June 24, 2021

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Who Makes Cabelas Pellet Grill? If you’ve been searching for pellet grills online, then there’s a good chance that you have come across the Cabelas Smoker and Camp Chef Pellet Grills. And although a lot of their customers are quite satisfied with this grill, almost half of them have their own fair share of complaints.


Here are some of the issues that customers complained about this product:

  • The warranty policy is not clear there’s not enough information regarding the product’s warranty although some customers assumed that it might be covered by a one-year warranty.
  • At their website’s Q&A section, it was indicated that the products are made in the USA, at the state of Missouri. However, when you refer to the description, it shows that the product is imported.
  • The chimney design of the grill is unfavorable. The design allows plenty of smoke and heat to flow out of the top. This design is pretty common on some of the cheaper models of grills.

Cabela’s Pellet Grill Reviews

If you’re having a hard time looking for the best pellet grill online, then you may want to consider the cabelas pellet grill.

Cabela’s Pro Series 24″ Pellet Grill


This pellet grill has a big front window that will allow you to check the condition of the food you are cooking without opening the grill door. The Cabela’s Pro Series 24-inch pellet grill comes with digital control that is easy to operate. It also has a meat probe that can help you in monitoring the internal food temperature and cooking temperature.

When it comes to the grill’s temperature, you can adjust it from as low as 180-degree Fahrenheit for slow smoking. And for open-flame roasting, you can change it as high as 500-degree Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, the pellet grill has 671 square inch cooking that comes with a removable and adjustable upper cooking rack.

Design-wise, it sports a distinct elliptical design that offers better cooking area as well as vertical space. Further, it has large pellet hopper that will keep the grill cooking for extended without replenishing fuel.

Finally, it has a porcelain-coated and long-lasting cooking racks, vacuum ash clean-out, and side shelf designed for food preparation.

So, if you’re looking for a pellet grill that can perform everything from quick searing to slow smoking, then this is for you.


  • Large pellet hopper
  • Easy to operate
  • Wide cooking area
  • Features a meat probe
  • Big front window
  • Distinct and elliptical design
  • Open-flame burn station


  • This pellet grill is quite expensive compare to quality
  • Control panel fragile
  • Short life

Cabela’s Pro Series 36″ Pellet Grill


The Cabela’s Pro Series 36-inch pellet grill is a versatile backyard grill that offers excellent cooking ability. It also delivers smoke-kissed and delicious flavor each time you cook.

With this easy to operate pellet grill, you will be able to do almost everything from slow-burning ribs or brisket to placing a fast burn on premium steaks.

It comes with an innovative sear station control that lets you cook through an indirect or direct flame with a very simple giving you combine heat to your food.

This pellet grill, on the other hand, has a cooking space of 1016square inch. Being that said, you will be able to place a lot of food on it. Further, the grill has a removable and adjustable upper cooking rack as well as cooking racks that are porcelain coated.

Much like other pellet grills out there, the Cabela’s Pro Series 36-inch has an easy to use digital control too that offers backyard grill masters expert-level control.

With this unit, you can adjust the temperature as high as 500-degree Fahrenheit for open-flame roasting and as low as 180-degree Fahrenheit for slow smoking.

For easy monitoring of the cooking temperature, it features two meat probes. Also, it has a large pellet hopper that allows you to cook for more extended periods without the need to refill fuel.


  • Easy to operate
  • 1016 square-inch cooking space
  • Large pellet hopper
  • Porcelain-coated cooking rack
  • Versatile
  • Two meat probes
  • Advanced sear-station control


  • Costly
  • Short life
  • Terrible Auger

What is the Best Brand of Pellet Grill?

Given some of the issues above, the Cabelas Pellet Grill may not be the best grill to invest in. So you might ask what would be the best brand to choose when it comes to buying a pellet smoker grill?

If you’re really serious about grilling, the Traeger Select is, by far, the best pellet grill to invest in. This brand is known for producing high-quality grills that will give you the best value for your money. Made in Oregon, United States, Traeger’s pellet grill comes equipped with high-tech features, such as a digital controller. This feature allows you to control the temperature without having to go near the grill.

Grilling with the Traeger Pellet Grill saves you both time and effort. In fact, all that needs to be done is to set the digital temperature and you can grill away! This grill comes with an auger that will feed the pellets towards the fire pot in order to produce heat and smoke to cook your steak.

Are Camp Chef Grills Made in the USA?

Just like the leading brands of grills such as the Pit Boss, Camp Chef designs its products in the United States and under the strict US safety standards. However, in the past ten years, their products have been manufactured abroad but at a facility that they themselves operate. They make sure that these facilities meet the stringent US quality standards.

Where Are Rec Tec Grills Made?

Another popular brand of pellet grills is the Rec Tec. This product is made in China, but the main components of the grill are made in the United States. The powder coating used for the product is made from the US and the entire grill is assembled at their Georgia facility.

Are Pellet Grills Worth It?

Pellet grills use small pellets in grilling meat, thus, the name. These grills use pellets made from different kinds of wood. The flavor or the grilled meat will sometimes depend on the type of wood pellets used. The pellets are placed into the hopper of the grill through an auger in order to produce fire to cook the meat.

It’s easy to use a pellet grill. There’s no complicated cooking process involved. You just need to turn the power button on and the controller will immediately start feeding the pellets. This will ignite the heat and the fans will set the proper temperature to produce the fire.

Then, enter your preferred cooking temperature through the digital controls and it will start grilling!

In terms of temperature control, the pellet grills are highly recommended. They allow you to cook from 180 degrees to 500 degrees and are ideal for smoking and searing any meat, including pork shoulders.

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