Best charcoal grills | Full buyer’s guide & top picks

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  June 15, 2021

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Standing around the grill, sharing food and drinks and laughter… We all have nostalgic memories based around a grill. Great times with friends and family are priceless.

Now it’s time for you to purchase your own charcoal grill. It’s not just a functional item. It’s the thing you’ll build your memories around.

While price is important, buying a quality product will help ensure the meal is just as good as the memories! Adjustable air vents, temperature control, and minimal clean-up are key.

Grilling is not just slapping some meat on a fire and hoping for the best. It’s an art form. You get to decide on the perfect char, the succulent result, and the flavor of each mouthful.

From vegetable skewers to A-grade rump, you’re the master of the grill, and you get to produce a fabulous meal for friends and family. What a privilege!

So how do you decide on the perfect charcoal grill for your needs and your budget?

The Best Charcoal Grills for 2021 reviewed top list full buyers guide

How to buy a bbq smoker video x
How to buy a bbq smoker video

I’m a huge fan of grilling, so I’ve researched 5 of the best charcoal grills available in 2021, and put together a list of their pros and cons below.

I must say, my absolute favorite charcoal grill is one of the simplest, but also one of the easiest to use. You simply cannot go wrong with the Weber Original Kettle Premium.

But for those with a little bit of extra stretch in their budget, or wanting a few more features, the Weber Performer Deluxe and the Kamado Joe Classic II are also winners.

Find out why I love these top five grills in my analysis below.

Best charcoal grill Image
Best overall charcoal grill: Weber Original Kettle Premium Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

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Best accessories and functionality for the price: Weber Performer Deluxe Best accessories and functionality for the price: Weber Performer Deluxe

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Best charcoal grill for durability and nostalgia: PK Grill & Smoker Best charcoal grill for durability and nostalgia- PK Grill & Smoker

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Best charcoal grill for smoking AND grilling: Kamado Joe Classic II Best charcoal grill for smoking AND grilling- Kamado Joe Classic II

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Best charcoal grill for mobility: Weber Go-Anywhere Best charcoal grill for mobility- Weber Go-Anywhere

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Tips for deciding which charcoal grill to buy

When identifying a quality charcoal grill, there are several factors I look at. Price, accessories, temperature control, clean-up, quality, cooking area, and finally, the warranty.

These help me decide whether or not the product will be a ‘winner’.

The next thing I look at is my needs.

So the first thing you need to figure out before you start researching your grill is what you’re going to be doing with your grill.

Do you prefer a BBQ, or are you going to be smoking a lot? Do you want a dual-purpose grill or one that has been designed mainly for one purpose?

Then, let’s look at the deciding factors more closely, to help you narrow down your options to the perfect charcoal grill for you and your needs:


Define your budget to help you nail down the right option. There are thousands of charcoal grills on the market, and the range can get confusing.

Narrow down the options by deciding on your budget ahead of time.

The good news is that most basic model, good quality charcoal grills won’t break the bank! When you start adding accessories and features, the budget obviously has to increase.

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Air vents & temp control

There are many different types of charcoal grills, each of them with its ups and downs. Check the features and make sure that the grill includes adequate air vents and insulation to allow you to control the temperature.

This gives you more control over how your food is being cooked and will ensure a delicious, consistent product for your plate.

Ash removal

Never mind the mess, ash removal can be a giant time waster! When choosing the best charcoal grill for your needs, check to see whether it has any useful ash-removal features.

You will thank your foresight when it comes time to clean up after a successful BBQ!

Quality & durability

As I said in the beginning, grilling is not just about cooking food. It’s about creating memories.

Choose a product that is going to be with you for a long time, and that’s going to be the center of some of your favorite memories.

Basic cooking area / size

Do you have loads of family and friends to grill for, or do you just want a small, portable option to take with you on camping and fishing trips?

The size of your grill will determine how much food you can cook on it, but also the amount of space it takes up. Around 300 square inches is a useful size for most people.

If you don’t have a convenient storage space for the grill when it’s not in use, then maybe a smaller option would be best.


We all want peace of mind when we spend our hard-earned cash. A lengthy warranty not only gives you the impression that the manufacturer believes in the quality of their product, but it also gives you peace of mind.

You know that you’ll always have backup if something does go wrong.

The 5 best charcoal grills for every budget

Here are my top picks for the most common charcoal grill needs, and why I chose these superb products.

Best overall charcoal grill: Weber Original Kettle Premium

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

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Weber is one of the best names in grills. They have been manufacturing charcoal grills for over 50 years and have established a solid reputation.

From simple charcoal kettle grills to high-end, premium gas grills, Weber is a name you’ll never be disappointed by.

The Weber Original Kettle Premium is my top pick on this list because it ticks every griller’s top features list.

It’s affordable, functional, durable, you can easily control temperature through air vents, and it’s really easy for beginners to use.

This is the brand’s flagship model, and you can see why. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

While this particular product is the 22”, the grill comes in a range of sizes. However, this is my preferred size for grilling for friends and family.

The simple grill has just a few features, but it does include the brilliant Weber One-Touch cleaning system, which has revolutionized charcoal grills, making cleaning incredibly simple, fast, and convenient.

The construction of this grill makes it very versatile, especially considering the price. Kettles are great not just for grilling but also for smoking.

However, you do need a separate accessory to turn your charcoal grill into a smoker. Try the Slow n’ Sear for best results. This product turns your regular grill into an effective charcoal smoker!

The Weber Original Kettle Premium also has easy temperature control through well-placed vents.

This model is an excellent choice for pros and beginners alike. If you’re not yet familiar with grilling techniques, or you want to learn a few tips and tricks to up your charcoal grilling game, then you’ll find loads of useful video guides online relating to the Weber Original Kettle Premium.

To get you started, here’s a video on how to assemble your grill:



Check the latest prices here

Best charcoal grill with accessories and functionality for the price: Weber Performer Deluxe

Best accessories and functionality for the price: Weber Performer Deluxe

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Maybe you started out with the original Weber Kettle Premium 22” above, but now you want the same quality and functionality with a few more features.

The Weber Performer model is exactly the upgrade you’re after!

The actual grill is the same size as the ‘Original’ but it includes several features that take it to the next level.

One of my favorite parts of this grill is the huge table – it’s perfect for prepping your food.

You can also have your serving dishes on hand – taking the food straight off the grill and into the dish rather than risking a singed sausage while you’re searching for a tray!

In this model, Weber has maintained all the essentials of a regular kettle while adding plenty of solutions that drastically increase convenience.

The grill also comes with tool hooks, a charcoal basket and plenty of space under the grill for even more accessories.

That’s not all. No more fiddling with fire-lighters, or burning your fingers with matches. The Weber Performer model features the innovative Electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system.

This is little a hidden burner inside the furnace (it runs on small propane tanks) to help ignite your charcoal in record time!

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Another useful feature is the handle for the lid – so you don’t have to find a spot for the lid while your turning your chops and roasting your chicken.

It comes with a built-in (but removable) LCD timer to ensure every meal is cooked to perfection.

The Weber One-Touch cleaning system makes clean-up a breeze, and the 10-year warranty gives you peace of mind.

Here’s how the One Touch cleaning process looks:

While you’ll need a bigger budget for the additional accessories, I still believe you get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ with this model.



Check prices and availability here

Best charcoal grill for durability and nostalgia: PK Grill & Smoker

Best charcoal grill for durability and nostalgia- PK Grill & Smoker

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This is one for nostalgia! The older generation will recognize this grill shape very fondly. Don’t let its simple design fool you.

This is one tough product, and it is number three on my list for a very good reason: The PK Grill & Smoker is one of the most durable grills ever made.

First manufactured in the 1950s, it was one of the most popular brands of the time, and thankfully it’s gaining more and more traction in the 21st century as grillers around the world realize what an incredible product it is.

It’s also fast becoming a competition favorite:

So why is it so durable? This PK Grill & Smoker is made of aluminum, so it’s nearly indestructible and 100% resistant to corrosion. If you’re looking for something that will last for generations to come, then this is your model.

The construction has been well designed for great air flow and temperature control. There are four vents located in each corner of the grill (two at the bottom and two on top).

The only ‘negative’ or down side to this grill is the lack of accessories and gadgets. The stand and small side table are helpful, and the little shelf below the grill can hold a tray or be used to store your coals.

The grill also detaches from the stand, making it easily portable to be used for Tailgating, camping, fishing/hunting cabins.

This grill comes with a whopping 20-year warranty! The company warrants the cast aluminum bowl and lid for a period of twenty (20) years.



Check the latest prices here

Best charcoal grill for smoking AND grilling: Kamado Joe Classic II

Best charcoal grill for smoking AND grilling- Kamado Joe Classic II in the garden

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When it comes to versatility, Kamados are a fantastic choice.

If you’re going to be grilling AND smoking (and even roasting) you simply can’t go wrong with a Kamado. However, they do come at a hefty price!

The Kamado Joe Classic II looks very sleek and modern. A completely different look to most conventional charcoal grills. This is because it is a ceramic grill.

If you haven’t worked with a ceramic grill before, it might take a little practice to perfect your grilling and smoking techniques, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Ceramics have great insulating properties which means you can cook low and slow for a very long time. Perfect for smoking!

The effective insulation also cuts down on the need for charcoal, so you’ll save on the fuel.

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While the standard Kamado Joe Classic II only features 256 square inches of grilling area, there are a number of additional accessories that you can include which expands the grilling space to an impressive 660 square inches.

I picked Kamado Joe for my list of best charcoal grills because it’s one of the best ceramic grills on the market.

Here’s Chef Tom explaining why it’s such a fantastic unit:

It has a useful ash removal system, and an airlift that helps you open and close the dome smoothly.

Ceramics are also very durable when it comes to resisting corrosion, but can be heavy and prone to cracks – so extra care needs to be taken when transporting these grills. They also aren’t very portable.



Check prices and availability here

Best charcoal grill for mobility: Weber Go-Anywhere

Best charcoal grill for mobility- Weber Go-Anywhere

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Road trip time? Or how about a fishing trip, or tailgating party?

Featuring the Weber quality combined with mobility, this is one of the best small charcoal grills on the market. I love the functional design of this product.

The Weber Go-Anywhere is characterized by its well-thought-out construction and lightweight. It’s so light you can carry it with one hand by the nifty handle on the lid.

The aluminum legs perform two vital functions. They keep the grill off the ground, and they fold up after use – locking the grill’s lid in place for safe transport!

Another big plus in terms of the grill’s design is the side handles that allow you to move the grill around even while it’s still hot.

Many small grills don’t come with this key feature (it’s one of the reasons I didn’t add the Weber Smokey Joe to this list of best charcoal grills for 2021.)

While the grill is very functional, portable, and durable, there are some negatives.

There’s a very small gap between the grill grates and the furnace so you need to be very careful about the amount of charcoal you use. Too much, and you’ll incinerate your food!

Because of its small size, and compact design, it’s not very easy to control the temperature.

Still, cooking a complete rack of lamb is still completely possible on this portable yet functional grill:

An alternative could be a mini kettle or Weber Smokey Joe but it isn’t quite as mobile and convenient to travel with as Weber Go-Anywhere.



Check the latest prices here

Charcoal grill Q&A

What kind of charcoal grill should I buy for if I’m mainly going to be grilling?

Before you choose a new charcoal grill, you should carefully analyze your needs and cooking style. If you are a grilling enthusiast, then pretty much every model from this guide will live up to your expectations.

What kind of charcoal grill should I look at if I want to do a bit of smoking too?

If you smoke once in a while, it’s a good idea to consider buying a versatile grill that will work great for both styles.

However, if you’re going to be doing more smoking than grilling, you may want to invest in a dedicated smoker.

These are a bit more pricey than conventional grills but will give you better control over temperature.

Find out more here in my guide to the best BBQ smokers.

What’s the difference between a charcoal and a gas grill? Which is better?

This is a contentious topic! There are loyalists on both sides, but I’ll share my non-biased opinion.

There are positives and negatives of both charcoal grilling and gas. Take a look at the pros and cons of charcoal grills below, and decide for yourself what would best suit your needs.

Personally, as someone who loves barbecue and grilling, I prefer using everything that technology has to offer.

In that situation, my opinion is that if you take BBQ seriously, there’s nothing stopping you from having both types of grills (gas and charcoal)!

Pros of charcoal grills

Cons of charcoal grills

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Now you know about five of my favorite charcoal grills on the market, and the best features of each of them. I’m sure by now you have a good idea of the best charcoal grill to you’re your needs.

All of these grills promise years of happy memories, just a click away. So what are you waiting for?

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Joost Nusselder, the founder of Lakeside Smokers is a content marketer, dad and loves trying out new food with BBQ Smoking (& Japanese food!) at the heart of his passion, and together with his team he's been creating in-depth blog articles since 2016 to help loyal readers with recipes and cooking tips.