Best electric grill | Review of the top 3 options available

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  August 19, 2021

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Sometimes we aren’t able to cook on a conventional grill. This may be due to space limitations, bad weather, or the fact that our neighborhood doesn’t allow open fires.

If you still crave the taste of grilled steaks, then an electric grill could be the solution to your needs!

Best electric grill | Review of the top 3 options available

Depending on the model, you can cook inside and outside on an electric grill. I’ve described three of my favorite options below to help you narrow down the wide range of choices available.

If you’ve read any of my other guides to the top grills on the market, you will know that the Weber Q2400 is one of my absolute favorites. This little grill is so versatile, and durable, and will never disappoint you. While it is the most expensive grill on my list, it is still my top pick. I believe it’s worth every penny!

Best electric grill Image 
Best electric grill overall: Weber Q2400 Best electric grill overall- Weber Q2400


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Best ‘healthy’ electric grill: George Foreman 15-Serving Best ‘healthy’ electric grill- George Foreman 15-Serving


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Best electric grill for a small balcony: Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro Best electric grill for a small balcony- Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro


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Electric grill buyer’s guide

What do you really need to focus on if you’re investing in an electric grill?

I’ve tried and tested hundreds of grills over the years, so here’s my advice on how to narrow down your options to identify a grill that will best suit your needs.


Make sure you’re clear on your budget right from the very beginning. There’s no point wasting time looking at options you can’t afford.

Your budget will help you decide what type of features and accessories you’ll have access to, as well as the quality of the grill.

Cooking area

Are you cooking for loads of guests, or just a small number of people? Always check the grill dimensions before you buy to make sure it’s big enough for you.

Also, if you have very little space to cook, make sure the grill is going to fit conveniently into your kitchen or on your balcony.

Indoor vs. outdoor

Not every electric grill is adapted to indoor cooking. Make sure that the instructions are clear, and the grill has been manufactured for safe indoor cooking!

Really looking for an indoor grill? Find my review of the best grills specifically designed for indoor use here


Electric grills usually have more components than conventional grills due to the added electronics and heating elements.

These could be prone to malfunction, so make sure your grill comes with a good warranty, and the reviews of previous owners are positive.

The 3 best electric grills reviewed

As an enthusiast of traditional grilling, I only focused on electric grills that can achieve similar results.

A decent electric grill should be able to reach high temperatures and have solid grill grates as well as plenty of useful features – such as a grease collection system.

Best electric grill overall: Weber Q2400

Best electric grill overall- Weber Q2400 with food grilling

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The Weber Q2400 is a compact grill that can be utilized in many different places. Thanks to its mobile construction, you can easily bring it along on the road (just remember, you need to be close to an electrical outlet!)

You can also buy an additional folding stand (Weber Q Portable Cart) making it as comfortable to operate as a conventional grill. This also allows you to cook on your balcony if you have space.

Although small, the Weber offers a lot of cooking space (280 square inches) and all the essential features that a real grill should have.

First and foremost, it has solid porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. This means you’ll get GREAT sear marks on your food!

It is very fast and easily achieves high temperatures. It has a removable tray for grease collection and is easy to clean.


  • Budget: It’s more expensive than the other options on this list, but well worth the investment thanks to its solid construction
  • Cooking area: 280 square inches
  • Indoor vs outdoor: Both
  • Warranty: Weber offers generous warranties on its products. Different parts of the product have different periods of warranty.

Check the latest prices here

Best ‘healthy’ electric grill: George Foreman 15-Serving

Best ‘healthy’ electric grill- George Foreman 15-Serving without stand

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The George Foreman 15-Serving is a typical indoor/outdoor electric grill that features a non-stick surface and around 240 square inches of cooking area. It’s an attractive, modern design and looks great in your kitchen or on your balcony.

There’s also a lot to love about the nonstick coating. It’s durable, easy to clean, and removes the need for butter and oil. Just remove the plates and pop them in the dishwasher when you’re done cooking.

Unfortunately, unlike the Weber, you won’t achieve fantastic sear marks with this grill, but your food will still be well cooked and delicious.


  • Budget: Very affordable for the quality and build construction
  • Cooking area: Around 240 square inches
  • Indoor vs outdoor: Both


  • Warranty: The manufacturers offer a limited 1-year warranty

Check the latest prices here

Best electric grill for a small balcony: Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro

Best electric grill for a small balcony- Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro

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This is the perfect little electric grill for those with a balcony or a very small terrace. Char-Broil Electric Patio Bistro was designed for outdoor cooking only, as evidenced by its full-sized construction.

It has 240 square inches of main cooking area on porcelain-coated cast-iron grates.

It is easy to clean, and there’s a removable grease tray as well as some space underneath for grill tools and accessories. It also has folding side shelves.

My only complaint about this grill is that it does take quite a long time to reach a high temperature.

Depending on the parts, the manufacturer offers a warranty between 1 and 2 years, so don’t expect it to last for too many seasons.

You should also cover it up if it’s going to stand outside in bad weather.


  • Budget: Fairly pricey, but the design is sleek and modern
  • Cooking area: 240 square inches
  • Warranty: Between 1 and 2 years depending on the parts


  • Indoor vs outdoor: ONLY outdoor

Check the latest prices here

FAQs about electric grills

What kind of flavor can I get from an electric grill?

Nothing beats charcoal when it comes to grilling and flavor. But sometimes, it’s just not possible to grill on coals and we have to find alternatives.

When it comes to added flavor, electric grills are bottom of the list. You can, however, still, get decent sear marks if you get a grill that goes to a high enough temperature.

Rather go for charcoal though? I’ve also reviewed the best charcoal grills here (full buyer’s guide & top picks)

Are electric grills easy to use?

Absolutely. All it takes is plugging it into the outlet, and selecting your desired temperature.

You don’t have to pay attention to the wind, amount of charcoal, air vents, etc, just adjust the burner adequately and monitor the temperature.

How much space do electric grills take up?

Electric grills are among the smallest types of grills which makes them a good solution if you have limited space. An electric grill is a very good option for a balcony or a small terrace in an apartment.

Can I use an electric grill if other grills are banned in my neighborhood?

It is one of the few grills that you can use in places that usually have a lot of limitations on grills.

For example, if it is banned to use grills that produce flames (gas, charcoal or pellet), an electric grill will make a perfect solution to the problem.

Are electric grills easy to clean?

Electric grills usually have built-in trays to collect fats and run-off. This reduces flare-ups and charring and makes clean-up easier than with traditional grills.

Many of the grill tops are also removable and dishwasher safe.


For those who have limited space, or who can’t grill outside due to bad weather, an electric grill is a great option to try out.

While they can’t offer the same flavor as conventional grills, they still have some great features and allow you to cook delicious food.

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